A public restroom. It’s not just where you “go to the toilet”.

It’s also a place for freshening up, touching up makeup, and much more.
For many years, our approach at TOTO has always been to put the user f irst.
Offering products that combine unique technologies and sophisticated designs,
TOTO proposes restrooms that anyone can use in comfort and with peace of mind.


CLEANLINESS                               COMFORT                             UNIVERSAL DESIGN                  EARTH-FRIENDLY                     SERV​ICEABILITY


Touchless Technology

From the time you enter a restroom until you leave,
TOTO’s touchless products perform
every action necessary without direct physical contact.

With many people using the restrooms in train stations, shopping centers, schools, offices and other facilities, it is of utmost importance that public restrooms are sanitary. Plumbing fixtures should have functions that can reduce the spread of coronaviruses, inf luenza, noroviruses, and other infectious diseases which can have a serious impact on society. TOTO restroom fixtures are equipped with touchless functions that enable people to use the toilets, then wash and dry their hands without having to come into contact with the fixtures themselves. In addition to ensur ing that restrooms can be used sanitarily and comfortably, the risk of spreading infectious diseases is greatly reduced. TOTO goes beyond merely ‘sanitary’ to achieve an extraordinarily high level of hygiene for restroom fixtures.

Every action is performed hands-free

Automatic flushing toilet

Touchless soap dispenser

Touchless faucet

Automatic hand dryer


Clean Technology

Advanced technologies to keep toilets fresh and clean.

Ever since TOTO was founded more than 100 years ago, we have been developing and manufacturing sanitary, hygienic ceramic products. TOTO products feature surfaces that are easy-to-clean, resist stains, and prevent adherence of waste. With this single-minded goal, TOTO has developed a long list of innovative technologies. Examples include the extraordinarily smooth CEFIONTECT nano-technology glaze, which prevents waste mat ter from adhering, and TORNADO FLUSH, which delivers powerful f lushing with minimal water, all so that everyone can comfortably use the restroom with peace of mind.

Advanced technologies combine to keep toilets fresh and clean.





From a place where people
just “go to the toilet” to a place
where people can freshen up and relax.

One part of a restroom has recently undergone significant change: the washing area. Previously there may have been just a sink to wash your hands, but this area has now evolved into a place where people can place their bag and freshen up, or even sit down and take time to retouch their makeup. Keeping pace with this trend, TOTO offers not only fixtures, but also innovative proposals for comfortable, multifunctional lavatory spaces.


As a leading manufacturer of plumbing fixtures,
TOTO strives to develop products featuring
universal design and standardized specs.

Public restrooms are used by many different people. TOTO places great importance on universal design to ensure that everyone can use restrooms with comfort and ease. TOTO’s product development incorporates customer feedback and extensive study results on user needs and how products are used. Human body movement and physical effort are also scientif ically analyzed. TOTO collaborates with experts to evaluate the ease of use of different f ixtures and space layouts, and works to promote uniform industry standards. TOTO will continue to prioritize universal design to make restrooms easy to use for as many people as possible.


Features for enhanced
water-saving and energy-saving
without sacrif icing comfort or convenience.

Reducing CO2 emissions has become an issue of global importance, but how can public restrooms be made more earth-friendly? The answer is to minimize the amounts of water and electricity used. As a leading manufacturer of plumbing fixtures, TOTO has been working to reduce water and electricity consumption by our f ixtures for many years. Today, TOTO’s water-saving toilets use just 3.8 liters of water per f lush, the world’s highest standard of water-saving performance and about half the amount of water used by toilets in 1995. TOTO continues to develop f ixtures that conserve water and electricity while maintaining comfort and convenience. One example is ECOPOWER touchless faucets, which use the flow of water to generate electricity and ECO CAP, which mixes air with water so users can thoroughly wash their hands while using less water.

Steadily reducing toilet water consumption

Water consumed per full flush

Reduced from 8 to 3.8 liters


This ECOPOWER touchless faucet uses the flowing water to generate the electricity it needs to operate. There is no need for electrical wiring, making installation and renovation easier.


Clean and sanitary even in places
that can’t be seen. Public restrooms
that are easier to clean and service.

It is important to maintain a high level of comfort and convenience when considering ways to reduce the amount of work needed to clean and service a restroom. TOTO has developed a variety of innovations and technologies for keeping restrooms clean and sanitary and for suppressing the accumulation of waste, not only in visible areas but also in places hidden from sight such as the inside of pipes. Urinals are periodically flushed automatically when not in use, such as at night, to keep drainpipes clean. Through innovations such as a compact urinal trap that eff iciently replaces the water after use, and EWATER+ for preventing stains and odors, restrooms are kept sanitary while effectively conserving water.

After each use, EWATER+ is sprayed into the basin, focusing on the area around the drain. This reduces visible fouling, maintaining beauty for a longer time.