Al-Omran Sanitary Ware Company is one of the largest sanitary ware companiesnot only in the Kingdom,but also in the Middle East. It is one of the companie sof Abdul Rahmanand Abdul Karim Saleh Al-Omran Group for Trade and Industry . 

It is a leading company in the field of sanitary ware and plumbing ,Since the company was founded for more than fifty years, it has taken upon itself the principle of keenness to provide everything new in the field of technologies for sanitary ware.

Since the establishment of the company, it has maintained its independence as a 100% Saudi company with all its shares, and it has made great achievements that have earned it the confidence of customers, so it is famous for its services to all segments and classes of society.  
 The vision of the group is to provide all high-quality sanitary ware and plumbing products in line with modern developments from various brands from several leading countries in the same field such as Italy, Germany, China, Britain, America, Japan... and other countries that are complemen-tary what the group does in the field of manufacuring, As it owns one of the largest industrial complexes located inside the Kingdom and in the Middle East, as it produces ceramic and porcelain tiles in various sizes, including walls, floors and decorative belts that suit all tastes, and also manufactures heaters with different liter capacities and also produces different types of pipes and plastic fitting (PPR-PVC-CPVC).
 complementing all this, the group obtained the agency of the Japanese company “TOTO”, and this reflects the group’s commitment to its customers to provide the best technology and global innovations with in the Kingdom with a new concept to rationalize and conserve energy and water at the same time.
TOTO has always wanted to improve the quality of life for all, rich in innovations and it has been looking for almost a century.  TOTO has changed the perception of what a bathroom can look like and how to use it TOTO puts innovation at the forefront of its priorities, helping to provide solutions that are economical in terms of value, quality which’s environmentally friendly.  
 This technology is shown in al lits products to help saveen ergy and water in its facilities to provide safe and healthy toilets. 
TOTO products are equipped with some advanced technological specifications are fully compatible with Omran's values to enhance sustainability and activate environmental responsibility in all the markets in which we operate. 
 This development has made TOTO the world leader in terms of the number of users of its products as its products have been installed in more than 80 international airports, which are among the most crowded airports in the world such as (Hong Kong Airport/ Dubai Airport/ Tokyo Airport/ Most of the airports of America/ Canada/ China and most of the East Asian countries) and other countries in most parts of the world, Its products have also entered the international hotel chain(Four Seasons, Sheraton, Hilton, Hyatt Regency,  InterContinental, Jumeirah, Ritz Carton, Marriott and others). 
 These products have also been installed in markets, shopping malls and busy malls, as well as in many public places around the world.  The company TOTO is interested in producing the special tools and accessories needed by children, people with special needs and the elderly, which are suitable for the requirements of hospitals, health resorts,therapeutic and public places.